Thursday, 23 April 2009

Boyd Rice - The Black Album

If you have seen any other posts on this blog you might be asking yourself, "Why is the picture I'm looking at not an album cover, but rather a man standing over a large pile of broken records?". Well the man is Boyd Rice. Also, you may have noticed that the album is called "The Black Album" (sometimes just titled "Boyd Rice"). This is because the album cover itself is entirely black with no text. This presents problems when combined with the black background of the blog, but moving on. The album itself is made up of loops. That's it. Each track is just a loop(s) that drone on and on. I imagine it will be of interest to Boyd Rice fans, and uhhh... I'm actually not sure of anyone else who would want to hear this. It is pretty annoying as background music, and its painfully boring besides that. Did I mention all the songs are untitled? So if you want to find your favorite loops you'll have to remember the track number. Don't lose all hope in Mr. Rice though, but he is an interesting, innovative and great musician generally speaking, it's just this album that is a complete waste of time. Click the unibrowed man above if you really want this.

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  1. the lp says the record can be played at any speed too