Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Throbbing Gristle - DOA: Third and Final Report

What a difficult record to describe. First however, Throbbing Gristle themselves should be reviewed. For a band with such a cool description and background (and even a pretty good name, which I suppose doesn't mean much), they fail to deliver on almost all levels. Their music is among the most cheesy, pretentious, boring, and painful music that I have ever heard. Upon reading about them and their crazed antics, you expect music to match. This is not so. However, of all of their bad albums, this is the best. The worst part about it is, it is quite good in parts. The song "We Hate You (Little Girls)" is the kind of stuff the band should have been doing all along. But also on this record is among the most cheesy and bad Throbbing Gristle recording I have heard yet, "AB/7A". The album is pretty split as far as quality and garbage go. Click the album cover above, if you're willing to take a try.

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Whitehouse - Dedicated to Peter Kurten

One of the harshest records of its time, Dedicated to Peter Kurten is in my mind Whitehouse's very best album. Recorded in the same year (1981) as the groundbreaking Erector, this takes the bands harshness from that great album and increases it (in addition to adding strange sounds of water pouring?). The album starts off with the great "Ripper Territory", which is primarily a sample of a man reporting on capture of infamous "Yorkshire Ripper" Peter Sutcliffe played over the bands signature electronic noise. The album doesn't let up after this however. A couple tracks, "On Top" and "The Second Coming", are covers from the bands debut record, Birthdeath Experience. The two tracks are obviously made noisier and generally more harsh, and fit perfectly in the album. Speaking of which, the entire album, though never repetitive, has a consistent tone and the songs flow together rather well. The entire album is as acidic and cruel as any Whitehouse has ever released. Also, it should be noted that this is the first Whitehouse album to feature a fascination with serial killers. Excellent Record, Get it.

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Älgarnas Trädgård - Delayed and Framtiden är ett Svåavande Skepp, Förankrat i Forntiden

(From last.fm) Älgarnas Trädgård (Garden of the Elks) was a Swedish band who recorded just two albums, Framtiden är ett svävande skepp, förankrat i forntiden (“The Future is a Floating Ship Anchored in Antiquity”) and Delayed.

These two albums I found to both be absolute gems, intensely psychedelic concoctions that would definitely would be filed as early krautrock if it were not from Sweden.

They feature very early elements of sampling and electronica, and have elements of folk and early progressive rock. They also contain a delightfully mythical vibe, suggesting the band were fascinated with ancient folklore and mythology. If any of the above sounds appealing to you then you are sure to enjoy these. Click the album art above to download, and here purchase CD's .

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Airway - Live At Lace

Airway was a music group based within the Los Angeles Free Music Society. They started off as a solo project of Le Forte Four member Joe Potts. The first release was the Airway 7”, which featured subliminal messages to coincide with an art exhibition in Tokyo. In August 1978 Airway made their live debut at the Lace Gallery. This lineup featured Potts and Chip Chapman on electronics, Vetza on vocals, Rick Potts on mandolin, Dennis Duck on saxophone, Juan Gomez on bass, and Tom Recchion on drums. They attempted to create subliminal messages beneath a wall of noise by using tape delay. Recordings from the performance were released as Live At Lace by the Los Angeles Free Music Association.

Live At Lace is an interesting album. It reminds me of Boris's collaborations with Merzbow, only with less vocals, combined with elements of improvised Krautrock and Psychedelica. It's certainly innovative and whilst it can drone on at times as with a lot of improvised music it seems to have been influential on many modern acts today, if not directly, such as the two I mentioned. I know japanoise legends Hijokaidan are fans. Definitely worth a few listens and another enjoyable gem on the Nurse With Wound list.

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Tolerance - Anonym

When I first listened to this I was under the impression this was recorded after the Tolerance album Divin (which can be found here). It seems like an easy enough mistake to me because Anonym appears to be more interesting, and generally seems to have more going on. Divin was mostly made up of weird lo-fi electronics. However, Anonym has that, and (what sounds like) vocal samples, and most interestingly of all, piano. It also has a more mysterious and eerie slant. An overall excellent NWW list entry. Highly recommended.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Boyd Rice - The Black Album

If you have seen any other posts on this blog you might be asking yourself, "Why is the picture I'm looking at not an album cover, but rather a man standing over a large pile of broken records?". Well the man is Boyd Rice. Also, you may have noticed that the album is called "The Black Album" (sometimes just titled "Boyd Rice"). This is because the album cover itself is entirely black with no text. This presents problems when combined with the black background of the blog, but moving on. The album itself is made up of loops. That's it. Each track is just a loop(s) that drone on and on. I imagine it will be of interest to Boyd Rice fans, and uhhh... I'm actually not sure of anyone else who would want to hear this. It is pretty annoying as background music, and its painfully boring besides that. Did I mention all the songs are untitled? So if you want to find your favorite loops you'll have to remember the track number. Don't lose all hope in Mr. Rice though, but he is an interesting, innovative and great musician generally speaking, it's just this album that is a complete waste of time. Click the unibrowed man above if you really want this.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Tolerance - Divin

Divin by Tolerance seems to me like an electronic equivalent of Nurse With Wound (albeit not quite as crazed and abrasive). Divin is different from any electronic music that I heard previously. Instead of using the same bland electronics used by every other band, it employs the most archaic and lo-fi equipment imaginable. However, this most definitely works out in their favor, because they created what seems to me to be the most atmospheric and dark music of its kind. It is very obvious why they are on the NWW list. This is electronic music for people who hate electronic music. Click the weird album art above for a download.

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